Benefits Of A Shower Filter That May Change Your Perspective

Benefits Of A Shower Filter That May Change Your Perspective

Unfortunately, we do not realize how dangerous tap water can be when used in the shower. Benefits Of A Shower Filter Researchers have confirmed that chlorine, SOC’s/VOC’s, and other chemicals found in tap water can cause asthma, skin irritations, cancer, and beauty problems.

How important are shower filters to our daily hygiene routines?

It is possible, however, to significantly reduce the catastrophic effects of chlorine and other contaminants found in tap water by using a shower water filter.

Here are some hidden benefits of shower filtration that may change your mind.

Respiratory problems and general health can be improved with filters

Pollutants and chemicals in the air cause allergies in most people. Chlorine in chlorinated water vaporizes into chloroform, a deadly chemical that fills the air in the bathroom when you bathe in hot water. Asthma and bronchitis can be caused by inhaling this chemical. Studies have also found that bathing in chlorinated water can lead to breast and bladder cancers, as well as reduce shower fatigue. The above threats are no longer a concern when you use a shower water filter.

Hair loss can be prevented with shower filters

Wealth and beauty abound in Dubai. It’s inevitable to shower regularly when the temperatures are high, but what’s the quality of the water? Although chlorine is essential for water treatment in dubai, constant exposure to chlorinated bath water strips your hair of its natural moisturizers, causing it to dry and weaken. Due to this, hair loss in Dubai is a common problem. Your hair looks and feels younger and healthier with the help of a filter that removes chlorine from your bath water.

You can extend the life of your hair color with filters

Household bleach contains chlorine as an active ingredient. Chlorinated shower water treatment has bleaching properties that can fade the color of your hair. But since the chlorine parts present in domestic water are in lower concentration, you will not realize it immediately, but with time, the color of your hair will begin to fade.

You don’t have to worry about your skin getting dry and aging with them

The harsh drying and itching effects that chlorine can have on your skin are well known to those who have swum in chlorinated pools. Showering with unfiltered bath water has the same effects. As a result of the shower filter, chlorine is no longer able to remove natural moisturizers from your skin. Your skin will not age and skin conditions such as eczema will not occur.

The Benefits of Shower Filters Over Drinking Water Filters

This may sound illogical, but it is simply because, as opposed to orally ingested chemicals and impurities from water, these contaminants are immediately absorbed into the bloodstream through the skin, resulting in cell damage, hardened arteries, and even heart disease when ingested.

Benefits Of A Shower Filter

The Benefits Of A Shower Filter can help you save money

It is possible to use a good quality shower water filter for six months without replacing it. Additionally, replacement filters are quite inexpensive in comparison with reverse osmosis filters. Two or three filters would cost just a few Dirhams per shower if you have two or three bathrooms at home.

Cleaner Showers/Tubs With Shower Filters

Benefits Of A Shower Filter Filters not only protect you, but also protect your bathing space from unsightly, potentially dangerous, and expensive buildup.  There is no better water purifier than those offered by Ultra Tech Dubai.

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