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With our Ultra Tec Water Treatment Company UAE 4000 Sea Water RO Plant, you can trust it to work reliably and efficiently. Aside from providing 24-hour support, the system is durable, self-cleaning, and offers an automatic maintenance feature.


Using the 4000 Sea Water RO Plant, freshwater can be produced from seawater efficiently and reliably. The system is built to withstand harsh conditions and has an automatic self-cleaning feature to keep it running smoothly. As an environmentally friendly option, the plant also consumes little energy. This plant produces high-quality freshwater and requires little maintenance, which is beneficial to customers.

4000 Sea Water RO Plant Benefits

Designed for saltwater applications, the 4000 Sea Water RO Plant is a commercial-grade reverse osmosis system. The stainless steel frame makes it durable and easy to install. Pre-filters, high-pressure pumps, and RO membranes are all part of the system. A post-filter removes any remaining impurities. In coastal areas, the 4000 Sea Water RO Plant can remove up to 99% of dissolved solids from salt water.

RO Plant for Sea Water 4000

This 4,000 seawater RO plant in Dubai UAE is Ultra Tec‘s first in the UAE. Water utility with a capacity of over 2,300 MW in Dubai’s private sector.

As Dubai’s first private-sector power project utilizing supercritical boiler technology, the CGPL UMPP is set to be the most energy-efficient plant in the country. A number of utilities and its main boiler will be supplied with seawater by CGPL from the Mundra coast. EPC contract for the 4,622 GPM (25,200 m3/day) capacity Seawater Reverse Osmosis Plant (SWRO) has been awarded to Ultra Tec. UMPP has become a dominant happening stream in the country, and Ultra Tec is truly honored and proud to be associated with it.

Overview of the project

With a TDS content ranging from 42,000 mg/l to 46,000 mg/l and a maximum feed water temperature of 95°F (35°C), Ultra Tec faces a challenge of 40% permeate recovery. Yet Ultra Tec is committed to the stringent treated water quality standards of 450 mg/l TDS at the outlet of SWROs and 5-7 mg/l TDS at the outlet of Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis Systems (BWROs).

Services provided

Using SWRO technology, Ultra Tec Water Treatment Company Uae will produce 25.2 MLD of desalinated water for various user applications. It is one of the largest desalination projects to return in India in recent years. In the upstream mixed bed desalinization plant, 660 GPM (3,600 m3/day) of permeate will be used as boiler feed to treat a neighborhood of desalinated water. Ultra Tec SWRO system consists of two x 6,160 GPM (2 x 1,400 m3/hr) Lamella Clarifier pretreatment plants followed by Dual Media and Pressure Sand Filters. Four SWRO banks are followed by two BWRO banks in the SWRO system. Following the commissioning of the CGPL project, Ultra Tec is also mandated to perform O&M for three years.


  • 4000 GPD of water is produced
  • At 25 degrees Celsius, flow rate is 72 meters cube
  • The rejection rate is 95-98%
  • 50-60% recovery
  • Brand of RO membrane: CSM (8040 square feet x 1 piece)
  • FRP pressure vessel (8040x1pcs) for RO
  • Pump with high pressure: 4 kW x 380V x 50 Hz, Grundfos model CRI 5-29
  • 5T/hr flow rate, 165M lift head)
  • TK 7-20 pre-filter
  • Flow meters for pure water and drains
  • High-pressure and low-pressure valves
  • Welded stainless steel RO frame
  • The main panel displays all pressures
  • SUS304 under high pressure
  • Pipe made from UPVC #80 for low pressure
  • Adjust the valve, flush it, and feed it.


With our Ultra Tec Water Treatment Company UAE 4000 Sea Water RO Plant, you can trust it to work reliably and efficiently. Its durable design, along with an automatic self-cleaning feature, ensures smooth operation as an international company.

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