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Alkaline RO dispensers and filters were found on Amazon by Ultra Tec water treatment companies in UAE, including reverse-osmosis water filters with alkaline re-mineralization and alkaline water. Filters mounted on faucets were found by another reviewer.



Uae Alkaline RO Dispensers from Ultratec Water Treatment Company provide healthy alkaline water. On the market today, we provide the purest machines in the world. Come to us today and purchase one for healthy water!

The Alkaline RO Dispenser is the perfect product if you want healthy Alkaline water in your office.

Hot/Cold/Normal 3 taps 3 options for Alkaline Water in your office.

Alkaline water has the following benefits:
Depending on the source of the water, the pH level of all water varies.
The pH of natural spring water is usually acidic, according to experts.

Drinking alkaline water is believed to neutralize the acid in the bloodstream, according to advocates of alkaline water
As a result, oxygen levels rise, energy levels increase, and metabolism increases.
These benefits have not been validated by clinical research.

Ultratec Water Treatment Company  provide Alkaline RO Dispensers are great if you want healthy Alkaline water at your office. Compared to regular tap water, alkaline RO water is healthier.

Alkaline RO Dispenser Features

Membrane with a flow rate of 50 GPD/TFC
Sediment filter with a 5-micron particle size
A GAC inline filter and a GAC cartridge filter
In-line carbon filter after carbon
– In-line alkaline filter (made in the USA by Purepro)

Completely assembled
• Hardware is included
Automated full control of the tank
(CWC-929P only) Booster pump

Detailed specifications:
Production rate: 50/75/100 GPD
A voltage of 110 volts, 220 volts, or 240 volts (50/60 Hz) can be used as an input voltage.
A 50 psi water pressure is required for operation of the machine

The cooler has the following features:
Easily accessible controls and filters
The power switches are independent for hot and cold
Reheating to a temperature of 100°C
RO system with six stages built-in
Water supply for the room, cold water and hot water
As soon as the hot tank is empty, the heating system automatically shuts off
Reservoir capacity of 2.5 gallons


In the UAE, Ultra Tec water treatment companies discovered the best alkaline reverse osmosis remineralization systems and alkaline RO filters on Amazon. Filters mounted on faucets were also found by another reviewer.

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