Aytok Disc Filter 2024


Product Description: Aytok Disc Filter – Filtering Innovation for Unmatched Performance

Elevate your filtration experience with the Aytok Disc Filter, a revolutionary solution designed to safeguard your water systems from the intrusion of mechanical particles, including clay, sand, and more. Engineered with precision and innovation, the Aytok Disc Filter combines efficiency, ease of maintenance, and a hydro cyclone effect for an unparalleled filtering experience.

Key Features:

Prevention of Mechanical Particle Penetration:

The Aytok Disc Filter serves as a robust line of defense against the intrusion of unwanted mechanical particles such as clay and sand. By effectively preventing these particles from entering your water system, the filter ensures the longevity and optimal performance of your equipment.

Accumulation and Easy Removal:

Particles accumulate on the filter discs and at the bottom of the bowl, offering a convenient means of removal. Maintenance is made hassle-free, allowing for swift and straightforward cleaning of the filter discs, ensuring sustained efficiency over time.

Hydro Cyclone Filter for Extended Lifespan:

Incorporating a hydro cyclone filter, the Aytok Disc Filter boasts a longer ring life. The hydro cyclone effect, facilitated by a deflector at the base of the cartridge, induces a rotational movement in the liquid, effectively separating and removing solid particles towards the outlet for disposal. This unique feature contributes to the extended lifespan of the filter and reduces the frequency of replacements.

Semi-Automatic Filtering:

The Aytok Disc Filter is designed to allow filtering in semi-automatic mode, providing flexibility in filtration processes. This feature enhances user control and adaptability in various applications, making it an ideal choice for diverse industries.

Hydro Cyclone Effect:

The hydro cyclone effect is achieved through a deflector mounted on the base of the cartridge. This strategic placement creates a rotational movement of the liquid, directing solid particles towards the outlet for disposal. The angle of inclination and the number of deflector blades are optimized to minimize load losses and achieve an optimal hydraulic effect, enhancing the overall efficiency of the filtering process.

Technical Specifications:

– Body Material: PA %30 GFR

– Cartridge Material: PP (disc) PA (screen AISI 304 cage PA)

– Maximum Working Pressure: 8 BAR (116 PSI)

– Maximum Working Temperature: 60 ⁰C (140 F)

– Filtration Degree: 20-50-100-125 micron

– Cartridge Types: D: disc cartridge, E: screen cartridge

In conclusion, the Aytok Disc Filter represents a pinnacle of innovation in water filtration technology. Its ability to prevent mechanical particle penetration, coupled with easy maintenance and the hydro cyclone effect, sets a new standard in filtration excellence. Whether used in industrial settings or for residential applications, the Aytok Disc Filter stands as a testament to efficiency, durability, and unmatched performance. Elevate your filtration standards with Aytok Disc Filter – where cutting-edge technology meets the demands of a dynamic and evolving water management landscape.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Aytok Disc Filter

  1. What does the Aytok Disc Filter prevent?

   – The Aytok Disc Filter is designed to prevent the penetration of mechanical particles such as clay and sand, safeguarding your water systems from potential damage.

  1. How do particles accumulate in the Aytok Disc Filter, and how are they removed?

   – Particles accumulate on the filter discs and at the bottom of the bowl. They can be easily removed, ensuring efficient maintenance and sustained performance.

  1. What is the hydro cyclone effect in the Aytok Disc Filter?

   – The hydro cyclone effect is achieved through a deflector at the base of the cartridge, creating a rotational movement of the liquid. This effectively removes solid particles from the liquid, directing them towards the outlet for disposal and contributing to an extended filter lifespan.

  1. How does the hydro cyclone effect enhance the filter’s lifespan?

   – By inducing a rotational movement in the liquid, the hydro cyclone effect separates and removes solid particles, reducing the wear and tear on the filter components. This contributes to an extended filter lifespan and minimizes the need for frequent replacements.

  1. Can the Aytok Disc Filter be used in semi-automatic mode?

   – Yes, the Aytok -Disc Filter is designed to allow filtering in semi-automatic mode. This feature provides users with flexibility and control in various filtration processes.

  1. What types of cartridges are available for the Aytok -Disc Filter?

   – The Aytok- Disc Filter offers two types of cartridges: D (disc cartridge) and E (screen cartridge). These cartridges provide versatility in filtration options to suit different needs.

  1. What are the technical specifications of the Aytok -Disc Filter?

   – The body material is PA %30 GFR, and the cartridge is made of PP (disc) and PA (screen AISI 304 cage PA). The maximum working pressure is 8 BAR (116 PSI), and the maximum working temperature is 60 ⁰C (140 F). The filtration degree options include 20-50-100-125 micron.

  1. Is the Aytok –   Disc Filter suitable for both industrial and residential applications?

   – Yes, the Aytok Disc Filter is versatile and can be used in various applications, including industrial settings and residential water management, providing efficient and reliable filtration.

  1. How often does the Aytok Disc Filter need maintenance?

   – Maintenance needs may vary based on usage and environmental factors. The design of the Aytok Disc Filter allows for easy removal of accumulated particles, contributing to a hassle-free maintenance process.

  1. Where can I get more information or assistance with the Aytok Disc Filter?

    – For more detailed information, specific inquiries, or assistance, please contact our customer support team. We are dedicated to providing comprehensive support to ensure the optimal performance of the Aytok Disc Filter in your water management applications.