Water Purifier Cabinet with 5 Stages

A brief introduction:

The Uae Cabinet by Ultratec Water Treatment Company features an automatic flush controller and is fully covered. This 5 Stages Cabinet RO Water Purifier has an automatic flush controller. It is a great deal for the whole family to enjoy the Cabinet Reverse Osmosis system.

A few details:

Sand, mud, and rust are removed by the first stage, a 5.0 micron PP filter.

As a second step, activated carbon granules are added. Chlorine and organic chemicals were removed in 99% of cases. In addition to reducing taste and odour, it also reduces colour.

PP(CTO) filter is the third stage. By filtering down to 1 micron, it protects your membrane effectively. This membrane can reject up to 95% of TDS.

The 5 Stages Cabinet RO water purifier system includes an automatic flush controller.

RO (reverse osmosis) membrane is the fourth stage. In addition to hard water contaminants, it removes sodium, cadmium, fluoride, nitrite, nitrate, and selenium from your water.

Post-activated carbon is the fifth stage (T33). The carbon post filter improves the taste and odour of your drinking water by removing objectionable taste and odour. We guarantee the taste of water by using NSF-approved post-carbon.

Clean, pure water can be enjoyed from any source thanks to the Cabinet Reverse Osmosis system. No filters or replacement parts are needed to install, maintain, or use the system.

In addition to its fully covered design, automatic flush controller, and new design, the 5 Stages Cabinet RO water purifier is the only one on the market with these features. You can read more about it here.

A 3.2-gallon pressure tank is included.


Water purifier with 5 stages cabinet RO or 5 stages cabinet UF

The steps of filtration in a RO system are as follows:

Sediment filter in the first stage: PP

The second stage is to block the carbon filter

RO membrane is the third stage

The fourth stage is the post-carbon filter

The main features are as follows:

Pump, transformer, solenoid valves, high/low pressure switch, and control panel included

This item comes with a standard parts bag, including a 3-way valve, a ball valve, tubing, and a housing wrench.

It comes with a faucet (which can be mounted on the machine or separately)

An average tank weighs between 3.2G and 4.0G

(UF system) Filtration steps:

Sediment filter in the first stage: PP

Activated carbon granules in the second stage

The third stage consists of a carbon block filter

UF/RO membranes in the 4th stage

Post-carbon filter is the 5th stage

Standard parts bag (three-way valve, ball valve, tubing, and housing wrench).

(With or without faucet)

We offer brown export cartons as well as colourful cartons to meet the needs of our customers

We will offer our customers customized requirements


A new design, fully covered with an automatic flush controller, is the Cabinet Reverse Osmosis system.

Product Brand: Ultratec

Product Currency: AED

Price Valid Until 2030-06-14

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