Dosing Tank

Achieve precise and efficient chemical dosing with Ultratec’s Dosing Tank. Safely store and accurately dose various chemicals for optimal water treatment and industrial processes. Choose from customizable sizes, benefit from safety features, and ensure reliable dosing control. Enhance your water treatment with our versatile Dosing Tank today.




 The Dosing Tank by Ultratec is essential for precise and controlled chemical dosing in various industrial and water treatment applications. This versatile tank is designed to safely store and facilitate accurately dosing chemicals, additives, and reagents into water systems. Our Dosing Tank ensures efficient and reliable dosing, contributing to effective water treatment and process optimization, whether for pH adjustment, disinfection, or other chemical processes.


  1. Chemical Compatibility: The Dosing Tank is constructed from chemically resistant materials, allowing it to store various chemicals without degradation or contamination safely.
  2. Accurate Dosing: The tank has precise dosing mechanisms, ensuring accurate and consistent chemical dosing for optimal water treatment results.
  3. Customizable Sizes: Our Dosing Tank comes in various sizes to accommodate different chemical volumes and application requirements, providing flexibility and scalability.
  4. Safety Features: The tank is designed with safety in mind, including secure closures, venting options, and spill containment features to prevent leaks and spills.
  5. Easy Monitoring: Transparent sections or level indicators allow for easy monitoring of chemical levels, facilitating timely refilling and maintenance.

How to Use:

  1. Installation: Our technical team will assist in properly installing the Dosing Tank within your industrial or water treatment system, ensuring compatibility and secure placement.
  2. Chemical Filling: Add the appropriate chemicals, additives, or reagents to the tank based on your specific water treatment goals and dosing requirements.
  3. Dosing Control: Utilize the dosing mechanisms and controls to accurately regulate the flow and dosage of chemicals into the water system.


Q1. What types of chemicals can be dosed using the Dosing Tank? Answer: The Dosing Tank can be used to dose various chemicals, including pH adjusters, disinfectants, coagulants, and other water treatment additives.

Q2. Is the Dosing Tank suitable for both small and large-scale applications? 

Answer: Our Dosing Tank comes in various sizes to cater to both small-scale and large-scale industrial and water treatment applications.

Q3. Are there safety measures in place to prevent chemical spills? Answer: Yes, the Dosing Tank is designed with safety features such as secure closures, venting options, and spill containment to prevent leaks and spills.

Q4. Can the tank be used for continuous dosing? 

Answer: Absolutely; the Dosing Tank can be integrated into systems for continuous dosing, ensuring consistent and controlled chemical addition.

Q5. How often should the tank be refilled with chemicals? 

Answer: The frequency of refilling depends on the chemical dosage rate and the specific application. Regu