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Ultraviolet 36 GPM. Ultra Tec  UV-36GPM-HT destroys harmful microorganisms in water and makes it safe for consumption.



A powerful and compact UV water sterilizer that uses UV light to disinfect water, the Ultraviolet water sterilizer 36 GPM uses UV light to disinfect water. The unit can handle tap water, well water, and even rainwater, making it ideal for small to medium-sized homes and businesses. By killing bacteria, viruses, and other harmful microbes in the water, UV light makes it safe to drink. In addition to reducing chlorine levels, the Sterilizer also makes the water safer for people with sensitive skin or allergies. For those who want an easy, hassle-free way to improve the quality of their water, this unit is a great choice.


With the Ultraviolet Water Sterilizer 36 GPM, harmful bacteria and viruses are removed from water using ultraviolet light. When it comes to ensuring that their water is free of contaminants, this product is great. Sterilizers are easy to use and can be installed in any standard-sized water line in a home. It also comes at a reasonable price, making it an excellent budget-friendly option. Large families or businesses will benefit from the Sterilizer’s flow rate of 36 gallons per minute.

Ultraviolet water sterilizers: what are they?

Using UV Water Sterilization technology, water can be supplied that’s completely safe using a process that’s equivalent to what nature uses. In nature, UV rays produced by the Sun have a germicidal effect on pathogens in water. UV light renders these contaminants harmless, and the output water is therefore treated and disinfected as a result.

A Ultra Tec ultraviolet water purification system kills 99.9% of all bacteria and produces safe, clean beverages, exceeding the standards for potable water set by the Health Department.

Several stages of filtering are used in UV water sterilizers to remove sediments down to 5 microns. Second-stage carbon filters remove odors and particles down to 0.5 microns. In the UV light stage, high-dose UV light kills pathogens by saturating the water. UV water sterilizers are superbly constructed and are effective in treating your water to remove unwanted and unsafe elements. UV water treatment systems are ideal for homes, businesses, and remote locations.

UV water sterilizers are available as components or as complete systems that are portable and mounted. Solar energy can be used to power water treatment units. To wash water on-site from liters to thousands of liters per hour using solar or wind energy, power UV water sterilizers with solar or wind energy.

It is typical for residential installations to use low flow units of one and two gallons per minute. High-flow units are also available for residential and commercial use. The chart below provides sizing information.

Ultraviolet water Sterilizer ( 24 GPM )
Ultraviolet water Sterilizer ( 60 GP )
Ultraviolet water Sterilizer ( 48 GPM )
Ultraviolet water Sterilizer ( 36GPM )


Easy to install and compact
There is no need for chemicals
Easy to maintain
Low operating costs
There is no added taste or smell


Processing of food
Hotel & Restaurant
In schools
Pollution prevention
Back-up supplies for the house
Systems for watering aquariums
Water treatment
Stations for water systems
Laboratories & Hospitals
In the pharmaceutical industry


36 GPM UV Ultraviolet.Water is made safe for use after being treated by Ultra Tec UV-36GPM-HT, which crushes harmful microorganisms.