UV Water Sterilizer 1-2- GPM

Specifications for Ultraviolet Water Sterilizer (1-2 GPM)

Dimension (LxWxD): 278 x 80 x 80 mm

Electrical Volts: 110/220V / 50/60HZ

Flow Rate: 2 GPM

In/Out Port: 1/4″

UV Lamp (PC): 20-50-100-125 micron

Quartz Sleeve (PC): 1

Lamp Failure Device: YES

Ambient Temperature: 2-40°C (36-104°F)

Lamp Watts: 14W

Chamber: SS304


Ultraviolet Water Sterilizer  1-2- GPM A Comprehensive Overview

In the pursuit of ensuring safe and clean water for various applications, the Ultraviolet Water Sterilizer 1-2- GPM emerges as a reliable and efficient solution. This compact yet powerful sterilization system is designed to meet the demands of water purification with a keen focus on dimensions, electrical specifications, flow rates, and innovative features.

1-2- GPM Dimensions:

The Ultraviolet Water Sterilizer boasts a streamlined design with dimensions of 278 x 80 x 80 mm (LxWxD). This compact form factor allows for easy integration into existing water systems without imposing significant space constraints.

Electrical Specifications of 1-2- GPM

The system operates seamlessly with electrical voltages of 110/220V at 50/60Hz, ensuring adaptability to various power supplies. This versatility makes the Ultraviolet Water Sterilizer suitable for a global audience, addressing different electrical standards with ease.

1-2- GP MFlow Rate:

With a commendable flow rate of 2 gallons per minute 1-2- GPM this sterilizer is capable of handling the purification needs of small to medium-sized water systems. The optimized flow rate strikes a balance between efficiency and thorough water treatment.

In/Out Port 1-2 GPM

The Ultraviolet Water Sterilizer 1-2- GPM is equipped with 1/4″ in/out ports, facilitating straightforward integration into existing plumbing systems. This standardized port size ensures compatibility with a wide range of water supply setups.

1-2- GPM UV Lamp and Quartz Sleeve:
The heart of the sterilization process lies in the UV lamp, available in micron options of 20, 50, 100, and 125. This diversity in lamp micron ratings allows users to tailor the sterilization process according to specific water quality requirements. The inclusion of a quartz sleeve adds an extra layer of protection, ensuring the longevity and effectiveness of the UV lamp.

1-2- GPM Lamp Failure Device:
Enhancing the system’s reliability is the lamp failure device, a crucial feature that acts as a fail-safe mechanism. In the event of a lamp failure, this device promptly notifies users, preventing the unintentional consumption of untreated water. This proactive approach to system monitoring adds an extra layer of safety to the water purification process.

1-2- GPM Ambient Temperature Range:
Designed to operate in a broad range of environmental conditions, the Ultraviolet Water Sterilizer 1-2- GPM can effectively function in ambient temperatures ranging from 2-40°C (36-104°F). This adaptability ensures consistent performance across different climates and applications.

1-2- GPM Lamp Watts and Chamber Material:
The UV lamp operates at 14 watts, striking a balance between energy efficiency and effective water sterilization 1-2- GPM. The chamber, constructed from high-quality SS304 stainless steel, ensures durability and resistance to corrosion. This choice of materials enhances the longevity of the Ultraviolet Water Sterilizer, making it a robust solution for sustained water purification needs.

In conclusion, the Ultraviolet Water Sterilizer 1-2- GPM stands as a testament to innovation in water purification technology. With its compact design, versatile electrical specifications, optimal flow rates, and a host of features like the lamp failure device, this sterilizer addresses the diverse needs of industries, households, and commercial establishments. Investing in the Ultraviolet Water Sterilizer ensures a reliable and efficient means of safeguarding water quality, providing peace of mind and contributing to the overall well-being of individuals and communities alike.


Q2: Can the Ultraviolet Water Sterilizer 1-2- GPM handle water with high levels of contamination? A: The Ultraviolet Water Sterilizer

1-2- GPM is designed to effectively treat water with varying levels of contamination. The choice of UV lamp with micron ratings ranging from 20 to 125 allows for flexibility in addressing different water quality challenges. While the system is highly efficient in disinfecting water, it’s essential to assess the specific contaminants present and ensure they fall within the capabilities of the sterilizer. For extremely contaminated water, additional pre-treatment methods may be considered in conjunction with the Ultraviolet Water Sterilizer for comprehensive purification.