Is your tap water safe to drink? Your water tank is full of dangers!

Is your tap water safe to drink? Your water tank is full of dangers!

You might not be aware that what comes Is your tap water safe to drink out of your taps and shower depends on how often you thoroughly clean the pipes around your house or how much trust you have in your landlord.

Despite coming from a good source, water still has a long way to go before it enters your water tank as it travels through desalination plants.

Piping that is poorly maintained
As the water treatment travels through pipes that could be littered with dead animals or other grime, this can lead to dirty water coming through your taps.

Drinking water is not recommended
The statistics may shock homeowners across the nation, according to Smashing Services, a cleaning company in Dubai.
Various dead animals, including birds and rodents, can find their way into your water tank, according to the company’s managing director. It has also been known that nearby industrial works and building supplies have emitted pollutants.

The water in the shower is contaminated
It has been reported that skin conditions have developed after taking a shower with water that is contaminated, and this could cause serious problems to the affected area.

It is, however, far from the truth. As a result of unsealed piping and tanks, this dirty water is produced.

A slimy substance
Even sealed tanks can develop bio-film, which is essentially bacterial slime, and may appear in your water tank alongside mold, spores, and fungi; contaminants that may cause respiratory problems.

It would take a lot of effort and planning to enforce stringent water cleaning Copper Silver Ionization on a municipal scale, along with a lot of time before it could be considered completely safe. You are fortunate to have other options available to protect you and your family while using water from your taps.

It is designed to filter water safely

You can easily add water filters to your faucets and showers so you can promote safe cleansing with confidence.

Additionally, these taps can be used for cooking, so you can clean salad leaves before they are served.

You and your family can be protected from dirty tank water with the Apollo Whole House Water Purification System, for instance. This system provides your home with clean running water through a multistage purification process.

Is your tap water safe to drink

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