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Using the Ultraviolet Water Sterilizer-Vertical Type 12-24-36 GPM, you can remove bacteria and other contaminants from water. UV light kills microorganisms, making it an effective and safe way to treat water



This Ultraviolet Water Sterilizer-Vertical Type 12-24-36 GPM is great for removing bacteria and contaminants from water. UV light kills microorganisms, so it is a safe and effective way of treating water. UV water sterilizers are vertical types that can handle 12-24-36 gallons per minute. For those who wish to purify their water supply, it is an affordable and easy-to-use option.


A powerful UV lamp sterilizes water quickly and efficiently with the Ultraviolet Water Sterilizer-Vertical Type 12-24-36 GPM. For larger families or groups, its 36-gallon tank is ideal. In order to make water safe to drink, ultraviolet light destroys harmful bacteria and viruses. Installation and operation are simple, and the unit is backed by a one-year warranty.

The UV sterilizer sterilizes water using ultraviolet light

The vertical type ( 12-24-36 GPM ) is the most common type. A UV sterilizer kills bacteria in water by using ultraviolet light. Safety is often ensured by them.

One of the most effective methods for disinfecting water is ultraviolet sterilization. All biological impurities found in water are targeted and stabilised by UV sterilizers. In addition to saving costs, additional chemicals are not required, so there is no danger of overdosing.

UV light kills up to 99% of germs in under 10 seconds after the sterilization process has been completed. Unlike traditional water treatment methods, UV water treatment does not alter the pH, taste, or other elements of water.

The ultraviolet water sterilizers provided by Ultra Tec Water Treatment LLC make value for you while reducing your reverse osmosis unit operating costs.

Advantages of UV water treatment

UV disinfection is effective against virtually all microorganisms.
Every penny spent on operating expenses purifies many gallons.
Overdosing is not a concern, and no chemicals are added.
Because the water leaves the purifier as soon as it leaves, it is ready to use immediately.
Easy to install and maintain. A compact unit occupies a minimum amount of space.
Disinfects continuously or intermittently without special attention or measurement.
Chemical-free: No chlorine taste or corrosion issues.
The capacity ranges from 2 to 800 gallons per minute (gpm).

Ultra Tec Water Treatment LLC units utilize low-pressure lamps that produce germicidal rays to the greatest extent possible. Additionally, the unit cannot overheat (as happens with other lamp types), which is another obvious advantage. As a result, overheating can be combated without additional equipment.


Microbiological eradication with ultraviolet light is usually used for:

Bacteria and viruses are killed 99.9% of the time.
The maximum pressure is 125 pounds per square inch
Temperature range: 2 – 400 °C
Protective housing made of chrome steel or aluminum.
Reactor chambers are backed by a 2-year warranty for unparalleled reliability.
Mounting clamp and quarts sleeve are included.


It isn’t at all like a filter when it comes to UV water purifiers. A UV sterilizer is essentially an outsized lamp enclosed in a metal frame, whereas a water filter is a cartridge filter made from activated charcoal.

In addition, UV water purifiers work differently than filters. The UV tube isn’t hindered by a filter, as opposed to water filters which minimize or eliminate pollutants by capturing them in their materials.

By destroying their DNA, UV water purifiers eliminate pathogens, cysts, and other biological organisms. Contrary to popular belief, water filtration systems cannot kill living organisms.


It is very effective to rid water of bacteria and other contaminants with the Ultraviolet Water Sterilizer-Vertical Type 12-24-36 GPM. A safe and effective way to treat water is by using ultraviolet light to kill microorganisms.