Water Treatment In Dubai

Water Treatment In Dubai

The water treatment in Dubai and its safety for consumption are subject to several myths and misconceptions.

Find out what Dubai is doing to counteract these beliefs about Dubai’s drinking water and learn the truth behind Dubai’s water treatment process.

Water from the tap is safe to drink

Water treatment in Dubai has long been a topic of debate, and most recent reports indicate that residents and authorities are close to reaching an agreement. However, residents of Dubai are still resistant to the idea that tap water is completely safe for consumption, despite UAE assurances. There is not much they can do once tap water leaves the processing plant, but new research suggests it is potable once it leaves the processing plant. There is a problem with the poorly maintained residential holding tanks used to store water before use, and now the argument is over who should maintain these tanks.

Minerals are deprived when dissolved solids are removed

Using a water purification system may result in you no longer receiving essential nutrients, such as calcium and magnesium, if you abate the dissolved solids from tap water. It’s also important to remember that nutrients inorganic forms cannot be digested by the body the same way as organic forms.

Water that is safe to drink is bottled water

The majority of Middle East residents rely on bottled water, a key concern discussed at the 8th community lecture hosted by Emirates Environmental Group. Here’s the problem:

  • There has been a significant increase in demand due to population growth and economic growth in recent years
  • There is an arid environment in the country
  • There is a rapid decline in water resources

The use of bottled water presents its own challenges, while potentially offering residents peace of mind regarding the safety of contaminated tap water and the treatment of water in Dubai in general.  Bottled water poses a great threat to the environment considering the related carbon footprint in regards to production/delivery processes depending on fossil based energy in the region.

Water Treatment In Dubai

Leaching essential minerals from your body when you drink reverse osmosis water

Water purified by reverse-osmosis or distillation does not leech anything from your body. Reverse osmosis is actually encouraged by the EPA to remove some substances. Some people are concerned about the chemicals involved in the desalination process since seawater is the only source of drinking water. The hard water issue can be alleviated in these cases by installing a water filter in Dubai.

Plants that desalinate water use fossil fuels that are non-renewable

In order to have power, desalination uses non-renewable fossil fuels. There is no truth to this. In Perth, Australia, the wind power plant runs 100% of its process using wind energy.

The sixth point. Sea salt = salt

A common misconception is that salt must be returned to the sea after water treatment. Instead, the brine is broken down into sodium hydroxide and hydrogen, which can be used in numerous other processes, such as:

  • A disinfectant or purifier
  • Producing plastics
  • The manufacture of hydrochloric acid
  • Fuels with no pollution potential

The water treatment plant is solely responsible for quality

Residents cannot rely solely on the Water Treatment In Dubai to make and keep saltwater potable, which involves a complex distribution system that requires maintenance of tanks and pipes.


Q: Can residents rely solely on the water treatment plant for saltwater potability?

A: No, ensuring potable saltwater involves a complex distribution system. Residents play a role in maintaining tanks and pipes to guarantee water quality beyond the water treatment plant

Q: Do water purification systems in Dubai remove essential minerals?

A: Yes, removing dissolved solids through water purification may lead to the loss of essential nutrients like calcium and magnesium. However, it’s crucial to note that inorganic forms of nutrients, which are found in water, cannot be digested the same way as organic forms.

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